Which type of bridal bouquet do you choose and what does an average wedding bouquet of fresh flowers or dried flowers cost?

In this blog post we helped you on your way to scoring the perfect wedding dress for your wedding and we shared our experiences about the trendiest bridal shops. In addition to the dream dress, there are of course a number of elements that complete your bridal look and finding the perfect bridal bouquet is one of them. As an event florist, we are happy to help you choose the ideal bouquet that suits you best, whether you like fresh flowers or dried flowers!


In the wedding landscape, trends from a small bridal bouquet to an extravagant bridal bouquet have already been reviewed. There are a wealth of examples on Pinterest , ranging from lavish bridal bouquets to compact, round bouquets. But how do you choose the ideal size of bridal bouquet that really suits you? As an event florist, we naturally have a preference for lush bouquets, because with such a beautiful bunch of flowers we can fully use our creativity and, moreover, you create incredibly beautiful wedding photos. In addition to the picture perfect content of your bridal bouquet, there are a number of factors that you should take into account when choosing the size. This way you can also take into account the weight and the ease of carrying your bridal bouquet. A larger bouquet will soon be composed of a considerable number of stems, so that you have to carry the bouquet with two hands and you have less freedom of movement throughout the day. Although you can of course also ask someone from your girls squad to carry your bouquet for you between the important moments. In addition to wearing comfort, you as a bride should of course also ask yourself what look you want to go for on your wedding day. Are you going for a bit edgy and can the bouquet be a bit more? Do you prefer a romantic look and do you want to keep it a bit more compact? It can also be useful (if you have the option) to try on different sizes of bridal bouquets in front of the mirror to select the appropriate size for your special day.

Woman with compact modern bridal bouquet in green and white tones with hellebores and garden roses Woman in white dress holds modern wedding bouquet with rust and white tones and orange chrysanthemums, hellebore and phlox.

Woman holding big and modern bridal bouquet with mocha garden roses, magnolia, hellebore and jasmina with satin beige ribbon

Dried flowers or fresh flowers?

Dried flowers have come to the fore in recent years in the flower landscape. In addition to pampas and ferns, it is now also possible to include preserved carnations, roses or even dahlias in your wedding bouquet, which are increasingly difficult to distinguish from fresh flowers. The advantage of a bridal bouquet made of dried flowers? You can keep your bouquet for months (even years, provided the right conditions) and you can order it well in advance to avoid last-minute stress (and to practice the most beautiful poses in front of the mirror). The disadvantage? Processed dried flowers such as preserved roses have a considerable cost price, which means that the price of your bouquet of dried flowers is slightly higher on average. Moreover, dried flowers have a smaller volume than fresh flowers, so your bridal bouquet will be slightly more compact. In addition to a difference in size and price tag, you also choose a different style for dried flowers. With a bridal bouquet of fresh flowers you can go in all directions in color shades and create a fresh look and feel. A wedding bouquet made of dried flowers often consists of subdued colors and has a more romantic look.

Woman holding a fine and elegant compact bridal bouquet made of dried flowers in soft pink, beige and sand-colored tones with eucalyptus, preserved carnations and a peacock feather Bride holds modern large bridal bouquet in arms in shades of beige, green and terracotta with ruscus, pampas and banksia

Woman holds large elongated wedding bouquet with dried flowers in pastel shades including old pink asparagus, beige pampas, mini poppies and mocha preserved roses

Cost price?

What is the average price tag of a bridal bouquet? Depending on the chosen format and the material (dried flowers or fresh flowers), you should count on a price tag between € 95 and € 175 at the professional florist. The price of a wedding bouquet is therefore considerably higher than that of a standard bouquet of flowers. For this you can expect a unique bouquet that was tied with craftsmanship and consists of a wide variety of high-quality flowers, finished with ribbons. There is therefore more material in a bridal bouquet, often choosing a greater variety of unique and high-quality flowers, and it also takes more time to design your unique bouquet. Given the higher cost of materials, dry bouquets have a slightly higher price tag, with a high-quality bouquet starting at an average price of €100-110. You can give this cutie a nice place in your home after your wedding.

Would you like to have a unique bridal bouquet made? Then you can use our A LA CARTE menu where you can choose fresh flowers or you can also score a dry bouquet in your favorite color palette.

Modern bridal bouquet in soft pink and mocha tones with lysianthus, salmon-colored carnations and white garden roses, lying on a white column

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