• Who is Anneliese?

    Crazy about her sweetheart Wouter and British Shorthair Sushi & Fitou. Zemste resident who ended up in Mechelen city. Made in the late 80s. Also crazy about stories, nature and animals, walks, entrepreneurship, coffee, writing, self-help books and flowers, but you saw them coming.

  • Why Flannel?

    She has been surrounded by fresh flowers every week since she was fifteen, and that wonderful student job changed her life unplanned. In a previous life she ran her own breakfast bar in the center of Mechelen. In a next life she will be a full-time astrologer. But for now she prefers to deal with flowers.

Sincere care for nature

Nature is very close to my heart and one of the major challenges and headaches that I keep encountering is to be able to do business successfully and still take the best possible care of the world around us.

Step by step I look at where I can contribute as an event florist and what can be improved. I try to educate myself and learn from fellow florists. For example, I already choose to work with seasonal flowers from the region as much as possible, I choose cardboard instead of plastic packaging where possible and my main goal is to be a waste-free florist, which means smart purchasing and as much as possible on order work so that there is no surplus of flowers that have to be thrown away. I try to work as much as possible without oasis (foam-free) and fine-tune my techniques.

With these steps I hope to make a positive impact on our nature and let people enjoy flowers without any worries.