We're on a mission - Enjoying flowers in a more sustainable way

Get to know us Flannel. we want to win your hearts with more sustainable forever flowers
Hi flower lovers!
We're so happy you found us. Let us tell you what we're all about. FLANNEL was established in June 2020 by Annelies. We're an online flower bar providing you with real dried & preserved flowers that will last much longer than any bouquet of fresh ones. We're passionate about flowers and our environment as well, so we love to create arrangements you get to enjoy for more than a couple of weeks. 

If you take a peek at our shop, you'll find bouquets in different sizes and shapes, flower bags, floral crowns and a wedding collection which is also suitable for any special occasion. Every piece you order is handmade by us so not one is exactly the same. We want our flowers to look luxuriant and to feel like sunshine. That is why we put so much focus on the details and the design of every bouquet or arrangement made.


Beside creating arrangements we're here to help you getting started yourself! We want to share a bit of the feeling we're getting out of working with flowers. It requires focus and you'll acquire new skills step by step. You can find a wide range of stems and bunches to get crafty, or you can order one of our DIY gift sets and get everything you need at once. Flowers are fun, and can help you feel more grounded and calm.

We're just getting started with our story so be prepared for more. We'll see what the future has in mind for us. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter if you want to be the first to know!