Sustainable flowers - Cherish them for years

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FLANNEL wants you to enjoy your floral arrangements day after day


without the guilt and sorrow of having to throw them away after a week. Everlastings are a bit more expensive than fresh flowers, but our florals are meant to last for months, with a bit of love and care even years, and all have the same purpose: to bring joy and create a cosy and homey feeling.

The flowers we use and sell are dried or preserved and are all real and natural flowers. Preserved flowers get harvested when they look their very best, and then undergo a preservation process. During this process their saps and water get replaced by liquids that keep the flower appearing natural and almost freshly cut. They get to keep their bright colors and flexibility, and don't need any water or sunlight while maintaining their beauty. The chemicals used during the process are non-toxic and modern liquids are often biodegradable.


Dried flowers are mostly cut while looking really pretty and then put face down in a dark drying room. so they get to dehydrate in a natural way. After being dried it's possible to dye the flowers, or they get to keep their natural shades. Dried flowers are biodegradable and a natural product, that's why we love them so much. Both dried and preserved flowers are a bit fragile and need to be handled gently.


We're trying to reduce the use of plastics as much as possible and use paper and cardboard for packaging instead. We ask our suppliers to do the same. We avoid using floral foam for installations as much as possible and use chicken wire instead. We try to reduce our eco footprint and are every day on the lookout to do an even better job. We know floral industry, regardless of the efforts we make, still has an impact on our environment. With forever flowers we still want you to enjoy pretty flowers but in a more sustainable way.


If you want to get started yourself with our everlastings take a look at our Flower Bar and find a wide range of bunches and stems. We care about our planet and we know you do too. 



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