Easy peasy - Enjoy your Everlastings as long as possible

How to care care of your everlasting flowers?


With a tiny bit of love you get to keep your FLANNEL flowers for months, even years. Dried and preserved flowers are low maintenance and with a few simple tips and tricks you will get a long way.

Avoid sunshine

 Pick a spot for your beloved dried flowers inside and out of direct sunlight. Otherwise they will easily loose colour and turn pale, or the flowers can become brittle. They are meant to be placed indoor.


 Avoid Humidity

 Dried flowers don't like water or moisture. Putting them in a moist room like a bathroom is not a great idea, the flowers could turn limp, or even get moldy. Do not put them in water, they don't need it.


Handle Gently

Dried flowers are quite fragile, so handle them with care. They don't like to be touched too often, but they loooove being admired.


 Clean off dust

 If your dried flowers get very dusty, it's possible to clean them carefully by using a hairdryer (on no heat and at the lowest speed) or gently use a feather duster. Don't do this too often, only when needed.


 Store them safe

If you want to store your dried flowers for a while, find a dark & dry space that does not get too hot. Avoid basements and attics (rodents seem to like dried flowers). Store the flowers in a cardboard box (not plastic) and if possible add cedar balls to avoid moths or insects.