DIY: Sustainable Christmas Garland

DIY: Sustainable Christmas Garland

Make your own sustainable and eco friendly Christmas garland by following 11 simple steps

Best part: it's made up entirely of dried & preserved greenery and will last for months, even years! We're not only thinking about Christmas, we're also thinking about the planet.

How cool is that, right?

Get started by following these 11 steps and you can show off your homemade Christmas garland! The only thing you need to do is finding the perfect spot for it! What about putting it on the fireplace mantel? We'll take you through the process by using pictures to make it easy. You can TOTALLY do this!
Cosy Scenery with a homemade christmas garland, golden palm suns and a lot of candles
1. Preparations:
we need about 10 different sorts of greens. We used preserved rosemary, dried lime, pinecones (natural and bleached), bleached ferns, brown tatarica, gypsophilia, golden linum, brown yellow green and a hint of mimosa. You need A LOT of wire, a rope of about 60 cms (flexible), scissors and you're good to go.
Equipment needed to make your own Christmas garland 
2. Lime and Cones need a stem:
To use dried lime, you can simply put wire through the lime, wrap it up and make an iron stem of about 10 CM. Do the same with the the pinecones by wrapping the wire around the bottom of the cone. 
Adding wire to pinecones and lime
3. Ready to get started?
Start at one end of the rope, put the first Rosemary branch on top of it and tighten it to the rope by wrapping wire firmly around it.
thightening rosemary to a rope
4. Add other sorts of twigs and greens
Do the same with the other greens such as lime, tatarica, and wrap it firmly with wire.
Adding lime, tatarica and other greens
 5. Cut the stems short
Don't forget to cut the stems of every twig. Cut it off just underneath the wire.
Cutting the stems short
6. Add volume, left, right and on top:
Keep adding twigs and greens one by one. Make sure you get enough volume on the left, the right and on top. Bigger branches such as this fern can be split up to both sides.
Garland is almost finished. Adding more ferns and greens
7. Are we there yet?
Fill up the entire garland, until you reach the last 10 CM of rope. Now things can get a little tricky but let's do this together!
 Almost ready: last 10 CM of the garland to finish
8. Do the exact same in the opposite direction:
Use Rosemary and tighten it on the other side to the rope with wire. Cut the stem. Start adding other sorts of green until you reach the same volume as the opposite side. Little note: you will wrap at the same spot and get a big bunch of wire and branches.
Tightening rosemary to the opposite side of the rope
9. Big bunch is ready?
If you added as much twigs as on the other side, you will get a big bunch of branches and wire. Perfect! We're ready for the last steps. 
A big bunch of wire and stems
10. Use it as a pincushion:
This part is a bit tricky but you will manage. We have to fill up the open space on the left, right and on top until we can no longer see any wire or twigs and we're no longer using wire. Use the bunch of wire a a pincushion and just put little branches into it until you get a well-stocked garland. They will get stuck in there, you'll see.
Pincushion: adding little branches to fill up the garland
11. Finishing Touch:
All filled up? Perfect! You can arrange the pinecones and limes to be pointing outwards by hand and you now have a beautiful Christmas garland to decorate your home!
Garland is finished
Christmas garland put on a hanging chair in a living room

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